Rohang Kalam jeung Daluang

Nyiar Luang ti Papada Urang

Glosari B

baal numb (because of cold or anaesthetics), benumbed, stunned (figurative because of sorrow, terror); impervious (against cold, heat, pain), hardened (gainst sorrow etc.); ngabaalan make (part of the body) numb, stun something.

bab chapter, subject, topic (of conversation or discussion); concerning, regarding (referring) to; bab naon what about (did they quarrel about etc.).

babad 1 history; in particular, cronicles of the older or ancient history, annals or record, also in the sense of legend; Babad Galuh The annals of galuh.

babad 2 equel (in rank or position, especially reference to marriage partners). Match, peer.

babad 3, ngababad cut down/ flatten (grass and weeds low on the ground).

babak 1 grazed (with reference to the skin), skinned, stripped of the skin.

babak 2 piece/ part of a show (match, etc), round, heat, music piece, act (of a play).

babak 3, ngababak set up ( a village); babakan newly founded hamlet/ village.

babari, gampil easy.

babasan expression, (fixed, set) phrase, proverbial saying, what is said by way of speaking.

babat stomach of a ruminant.

babét, ngababét with a swing, hit against something, deliver a blow with a swinging movement.

babi pig.

bablas through and through, bright, clear (of an axplanations etc).

babu maid-servant (to look after the children, do the washing, etc).

babuk, ngababuk hit someone/ something, give someone/ something a blow (with a cane stick, a belt, etc), strike off/ down something.

babut, pull out young rice-plants from the seedbad (for replanting on the rice-fields).

baca, maca, maos read something; say (a prayer, maxim. Formula etc.).

babacaan say ( aloud or muttered) prayer/ Koranic text or magic formula, etc.

bacacar be/ lie spread here and there.

bacéo talk nineteen to the dozen, chat endlessly (of/ like little children).

badag coarse (of flour, hair, fabric, a comb, work), big of piece; (coarse) material (opposite ethereal).

badak rhinoceros.

badami, badanten discuss, deliberate, consult; make an appointment (with reference to carry a plan etc.).

badan, salira body (also figurative organ, board, etc); hull (of ship); fuselage, body (of an aeroplane).

badarat, nyacat go on foot.

badé going to, shall, will.

badéga (male/ female) servant, farm-hand.

baé but, only, merely, just.

bagbagan what belong to something, what lies in an area of something, chapter.

bagéa (word to greet someone not seen for sometime) glad to see you!

bageur good (of behaviour or character); good-natured (also of animals; not biting, have no vices, etc.) kind-hearted, nice, pleasant, sweet.

bagi, ngabagi divide something, distribute, give someone/ something that is his share.

bagja fate, luck. Prosferity, happy.

bagong (especially wild) bord, hog, pig.

baham mouth.

bahan material (required for something, eg. for building a house), fabric (for making something, eg. clothes); matter (of conversation, meditations, disagreement, etc).

bahaya danger; ngabahayakeun causing danger for someone/ something.

bahé poured out (of liquid, flour, rice, etc.), run over the edge (of sloping glass, bucket, etc.) tilt over (of objects whose content have spilt out).

bahénol plump, chubby, buxom.

baheuhay, ngabaheuhay puffed out because of the heat (lying lazy with the legs stretched out.

baheula long ago, in the distant past.

baheum, ngabaheum put a substantialamount of something (especially in kernel/ powder form eg. sugar, rice) in the mouth and keep itfor sometime (while chewing or sucking).

bahla calamity, disaster.

bahula recalcitrant, rebellious, disobedient, resist (against authority etc.)

baid not wanting to know of something (eg. with reference to magical practices).

bajigur drink made of coconut milk, palm sugar and coffee, these are mix and made to the boil.

bajing squirrel.

bajong, ngabajong buy something in bulk, buy up ( especially in order to resale).

baju, raksukan jacket, blouse, clothes; dibaju, diraksukan wear/ put on clothes.

bakakak (a dish of spread open (spiced or not) whole roasted chicken or other bird (or other small animal.

bakal a. (raw building) material (eg. housing, etc.), material for clothes, what is intended to make something of or to be made in to something. B. bade, will, shall, going to, about to (come,happen, die, etc.) c. prospective, eg. bakal istri prospective wife.

bakatul broken rice grain and gran (considered to be a poor man’s meal).

baketrak, teuas rock hard (eg. of lime soil in the dry season); ngabaketrak be/ become rock-hard.

bakiak clog (with woodwn sole with heel and leather or rubber band cross the sole where the feet is stuck in.

balad soldiers, troops, men, manpower, subjects, retinue, following, eg (to a sergeant); mawa balad sabaraha? How many men did you bring?

baladah, ngabaladah make the first preparation to do a job (cultivation/ contruction/ planning etc. rg. with reference to the first tillage of the rice-field, the contruction of a road); make a beginning with the practice of ( a new style etc.); develop ( a new specially, subject, etc.)

balai calamity, catastrophe, disaster, adversity, ill-luck; struck by catastrophe.

balaka say precisely s it is, shoot straight from the shoulde, speak freely, give a straight explanation (that…).

balakbak name of a metre of the pupuh type (with the accompanying melody, especially used in describing comical situation).

balakécrakan (with many) enjoy eating and dringking together and make marry; also revelry, orgy.

balandongan open shed (like those put up in a wedding or circumcision party etc. to receive and entertaint guest in, also used for giving performances etc.)

balangsak beggarly, destitute, miserable, needy, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, wretched.

balangsiar seek livelihood etc.

balanja money for (especially daily) shopping, housekeeping money; expenditure for something (foodstuff etc.).

balap hold a race (running, horse, car, swimming, etc.), ngabalapkeun enter something in a race (eg. with horses), pabalap-balap race each other in speed.

balaréa the (general) public, the people; Kanyahoan ku balaréa it’s public knowledge.

balatak littered/ scattered all over, lying topi-turvy; pabalatak same meaning, spread all over, disorderly; ngabalatakkeun leave/ throw things in a disorderly manner.

balati dagger-knife.

balawiri continually go back and forth, to and fro (of people or vehicles).

balé (whole or partly) open building (in traditional residences of notable).

balébat (point of time at the appearance of) firs light t the break of day; also the red of dawn, morning red.

balédog, ngabalédogan throw at something (with stones etc.)

balég (according to Islamic law) be of age (from 15 years onward), grown up, legally responsible, become an adult (especially in the compound)

balélol lisp, difficult or indistinct manner of speech (of little children, or due to defect of the speech organ).

balem close (the lips) firmly together, close stiffly of the mouth, eg. because doesn’t want to talk; keep the mouth firmly closed/ shut, sit mum.

baléwatangan court-room, court of justice, law court.

balibir, ngabalibir, malibir go in a roundabout way (at his target) (especially figurative beat around the bush).

balicet, balucat-balicet (keep on) making swift twist and turns (eg. of a flock of birds, of chased people or animal), fluttering about (of butterflies).

balideg feel under the weather, feel a bit hevy in the head (because of overtiredness, a forth coming cold or flu, etc.) sirah kuring balideg my head feels heavy.

balik, wangsul, mulih go home (also as expression for die), go back, return.

balingbing the carambole tree.

balitung (more common) balitungan settle account (debts etc.) (with each other; also figurative), make out an account (bill etc).

baluas phobia.

balukar (especially bad) consequence/ result of an actions, that upon which something comes out, what springs from somewhere (also with reference to the fulfillment of a dream).

balung leg, bone.

baluntas shrub, Pluchia indica Less.

balur ointment use as medicine and rubbed on the painful area (eg. of dislocated muscle).

baluweng be distressed (because of grief, severe set-back, etc), most upset, bewildered, perplexed.

bancunur lump on the head (as a result of a bump); have a lump.

banda material goods, property; teu aya banda kinasihan (expression) not attached to earthly goods, easy to part with his possessions to others.

bandel obstinate, wayward, pigheaded, headstrong, disobedient, obdurate, unrepentant; strong, tough (of someone who has a high staying-power or power of endurance).

bandéra flag.

bandrék hot drink (made of ginger with areca palm sugar, pepper, etc.)

bandros cake of rice flour (mixed with dessicated coconut and coconut milk).

bandung capitol city of the province of West Java.

bangbara big black bumble-bee (bores holes in woodwork and nest in it).

bangkawarah unruly, disobedient, behave improverly.

bangké dead body, carrion.

bangkieung, ngabangkieung totter, stagger, reel (eg, someone who lost his balance, an animal hit by a shot).

bangkong big frog, toad.

bangku (sitting, resting school) bench. Bangkuang climbing shrub, Pachyrhizus angulatus Rich.

bangor naughty (also figurative), mischievous, disobedient, behave in improper manner.

bangreung restless (mind), nervous, worried.

bangsa nation, people, race; (who/ what comes under the) category, class, species (of the…).

bangsal unhusked rice kernels.

bangsat thief, rogue, scoundrel (especially) burglar; bangsat hayam chicken thief.

bangus snout (of s dog, pig, rhinoceros, etc.) bangus sia! shut up!

banjir flood of water of a river that suddenly and rapidly overflows its banks.

banjur, ngabanjuran pour (water) over/ on something (eg. a fire), wash away/ down something, soak something, wet something.

bantah, ngabantah argue against, dispute (the correctness of some news etc.); contradict object.

bantal, angel pillow.

bantat underdone, uncooked, not ripe, hard in the inside (of food that after baking or roasting etc. is properly cooked, a boil that will not burst.

banten scapegoat, victim, name of former capitol of the Sultanate of Banten.

banténg wild ox (especially the bull).

banting, ngabanting smash something down, fling something down, throw somethingdown, knock/throw off, beat (the washing during washing) against the stones etc.

bantrok collide with, come in conflict with, bump against each other; collision, conflict.

bantu help (in the compound) eg. guru Bantu assistant teacher, aid, support; ngabantuan, mantuan help someone (with a core/ task); lend a hand.

bantun, ngabantun bring something (along) etc.

banyol banter, jest, (make) joke(s), in jest (say something); ngabanyol make jokes.

bapa, rama father, term of address for men of older age or higer position.

barakatak, ngabarakatak roar with laughter (because of fun); (of fowls) cackling loudly.

barakbak the light glowthat shines from a point, glittering (of walls or rootfiles etc.) in the sunlight.

baramaén beg (alms)

barang object, thing; (trading) goods, commodity, merchandise; baggage.

barangasan grumpy, ill-tempered (by nature), shot-/quick-/hot-tempered, irascible, irritable.

barangbang dried leaf of a coconut palm (also cocos, areca, pinang palsm etc.)

baranyay, ngabaranyay flash (of/ like a thunderflash, also of reflection on the sun against window pane etc.).

baraya, wargi (blood-) relation, relative, family (member), baraya laér distant relative.

barempug deliberate, discuss, confer.

bareng, sareng (do something be somewhere, etc.) together; at the same time.

baréto, kapungkur the past, previously, ti baréto long since, already in the past; poé baréto day before yesterday.

bareuh swollen (because of sprain, sickness, infection, etc.) stuffed, swelling; ngabareuhan (part of the body) become swollen; babareuhan be swollen all over, have swollen spots.

baringsang feel bad (because of oppressive heat); (of weather) oppressive, sultry, muggy, close.

barinjan have an unusual (unpleasant) taste (by adding too much sugar or salt etc.)

baris 1. row (where people or things are placed, eg. plants)), rank, file; line (of a written or printed page).

baris 2. (collective name for the) secondary graphic signs (vowel sign etc). of the Sundanese-Arabic script) with such signs.

baris 3. shal, will (come, go, die, be rewarded, etc.), going to (be), about to (become).

barjah (in the compound) alam barjah realm of the dead (where the deceased remain pending, resurrection day).

barobah changed, altered, become different.

baruang poison (of vegetables or mineral origin); ngabaruang poison someone; put poison in somewhere.

barungsinang, ngabarungsinang keep on asking for things that o. really wants (of difficult children, a much demanding wife), be dissatisfied/ difficult because o. doesn’t have this or that.

baruntak in disarray, helter skelter, chaotic, in a mess, founder (of country, city, etc.) stand separated (of marriage), be at variance (odds, loggerheads) with each other, live in discord; ngabaruntakkeun let something fall in decay, bring in disarray, let something founder; caus separation or discord between (marriage partners).

baruntus small eruptions; have such eruptions.

basa language; idiom; words that someone utters, what someone said.

basana mah rék néang budak he said that he was going to see his children; teu basa-basa acan do not show any feelings of (joy, appreciation, etc.

basa, nalika,when (at the time that), at the time of; basa harita at the (that) time.

basajan simple, ordinary, common, unpretentious (eg. of a name); kabasajanan simplicity, plainness.

baseuh wet, damp.

basisir beach, (sea) coast, coastal area.

batak name of an etnic group in North Sumatra around the Lake Toba area.

batako brick made of limestone, sand and some cement mixed and then pressed together to dry in the sun.

batal invalid, null. Void, worthless, breaking a fast, frustrated, fall through (eg. of a planned marriage).

batan such as, like.

batin inner, internal, spiritual; di jero batin in his conscience; lahir batin physical and spiritual, external and internal, entire, whole, complete(ly).

batok coconut shell (ao. Used s receptacle or measure, the letter especially to measure rice). Shell of the tortoise or turtle.

batu stone, rock; ngabatu become hard as a rock, be like a stone.

batuk, gohgoy cough, coughing; batuk bangkong whooping cough.

batur, réncang companion, (school play) mate, bedfellow, friend, collegue; helper (in a job, etc.) servant, fellow-men, fellow human being, an ather/ others.

bau (especially unpleasant) odour, smell, stench, smell unpleasant.

bawang onion, leek (many types); ngabawangan put some onion in somewhere, prepare something with onion.

bawaning because of, on account of, as a result of, as a consequence.

bawéll nagging, chatter-brained, cantankerous, fault-finding, (always have something to say or remark, especially of woman), censorious, querolous.

bayabah, ngabayabah covered all cover, form apool of blood (blood form a heavy wound that streamed on to the floor, etc).

bayar, mayar pay to something (also in kind); pay back for something; mayaran paying off something (eg. rent, instalment, etc.).

bayawak iguana.

bayem spinach.

bayeungyang feel oppressed (because of the heat or of anxiety.

béak, seep finished use up, (of time) elapsed, expired.

béar dry (eg. of steamed rice), loose ( for soil etc.) friable, gritty, granular, crumbly.

béar budi affable, friendly, complaisant, urbane, cheerful.

béas (husked) rice (uncooked).

bébas free (especially of foreign dominations, rebellion, disturbance).

béca three-wheeled pedicab used as public conveyance.

bécék muddy, miry, slimy, marshy, swampy, soft (of the soil).

béda difference, different, divergent.

bedah burst (er. Of a sack), torn open (eg. of clothing, net); broken through (eg. of a dam), yield (to superior numbers, to temptation), ngabedahkeun cause something to tear or burst etc.

bedil rifle, bedil angin air rifle.

bedo be called off, not take place, not come off, ngabedokeun call something off, cancel something (eg. a transaction).

bedog machete.

bedol, ngabedol pull something hard (towards you) jerk at something, pull something out; pabedol-bedol pull of jerk on something from either side.

bedong cloth with which o. wraps a newly born baby (so that the arms are close against the body and the legs against each other).

bedug mosque drum (a big drumshaped double skinned drum, used to call obligatory prayers and ti give alarm signals).

bégal (highway) robber; ngabégal commit (highway) robbery, rob someone on the road.

begang thin; begang ngongkoang lean as a rake, skinny, ngabegangan became thin, emaciated.

begér (of boys and girls at puberty) show interest in the opposite sex (and show this by clothing or behavior).

béja, wartos news, tidings; ngabéjaan, ngawartosan inform someone of something; ngabéjaan bulu tuur (expression for) inform someone of some news that he already knows).

bejad come/ fall topieces or cracked (eg. of a ship thrown on the rocks, of the soil because of protongeds draught, etc.)

bekas, ngabekaskeun fire ( a pistol, rifle), shoot; pelengkung bekas nyalahan (expression for) in the beginning he was good, but later he turned bad.

bekel provision, food/ money for en route (also with reference to money that schoolchildren get to buy snacks etc.).

béker alarm clock.

bela, ngabela-bela flare of high, blaze up.

béla partner in an ordeal; (especially as a name for the sacrificial) animal (especially a chicken, sometimes a sheep, etc) that is simultaneously slaughtered with the circumcision of the boy.

belang spotted (like a panther etc.); belang bayah spotted lungs.

belecet, ngabelecet run away.

belegbeg, ngabelegbeg appear (to the eye) as something of solid substance and darker in colour than the surroundings, (thus) loom up (of a ship sailing on the high seas, a ghostly apparition, etc.), (of the clouds) (like) a dark (mass of) gathering clouds, (of smoke) rise in dark billowing clouds.

belegedeg, ngabelegedeg (eg. of a mountain that rises as a dark mass, of dark mass of clouds or thick cloud billowing clouds.

beleger sound (eg. of fruit), perfect, intact, unimpaired, in good condition, undamaged, (of a corpse) still showing no trace of decomposition.

belegug churlish, uncultured, un mannered, rude, uncivilized, ungainly.

beléh open (of the eye), gaping (of wound).

béléhém, balaham-béléhém smile sheepishly, look nonplussed, look dismayed.

belejag be fighting fit, (still) have great strength.

belék, ngabelék make incion, operate on someone.

belekesek, dibelekesekkeun be worn daily (of clothing); (also said of a person who is) made to work without rest.

belél (of the eyes) wide open, faded (of coloured materials or clothes, because of too much washing, etc.).

belendok thick fluid that gathers inside a pipe while it is being smoked; deposit of tobacco in the pipe-bowl.

belenyeng run away fast.

belesat, ngabelesat (as if by a spring) fly away (eg. of an arrow when released, bangers, sparks, etc.), run away (fast like an arrow).

belesek, ngabelesek the feet sink away (in the mud, lithosphere, etc.).

belet obtuse, dull, dumb, stupid, dense, slow on the uptake.

belewer anticipator for fly through the air (of things that are thrown like spears, stones, ropes, etc. also of odours or sparks. carried by the wind).

belewuk dirty, grubby, messy, squalid, untidy; covered with dust or dirt, look dirty.

beling (glass) fragment, splinter; porcelain, galzed earthenware.

bélot (of a road) winding, detour, circulatous.

bémakrama good etiquette, courtesy, good breeding.

benah, bebenah put things in order straighten up things (eg. in a room so that you can sleep in it).

benang sewing cotton (thread).

bencé, bebencé cock quail.

bencenong gleaming (of round objects, also of a ripe tu,our/ pustule).

bendahara, jurusimpen treasurer.

bendu angry, irate.

bener, leres right, true, correct, truthfully; (of a procedure etc.) correct, good, proper, right; got it right, be (in the) right.

bengal disobedient, resistant, wayward.

béngbat, ngabéngbat keep someone away from doing something, distract, temp (someone e); kabéngbat be distracted, be tempted, be preoccupied (in a negative sense), led astray.

bengis cruel, harsh, crusty, gruff, vicious, wicked.

bengkah part company because of a quarrel, break of reltions, separate; ngabengkahkeun make (people) part company through a quarrel.

béngkok bent, crooked, make (a) bend (s) (of a road).

béngkong person who performs circumcision.

bengkot, ngabengkot bent down under a burden, be fully laden.

bengkung crooked (not straight), bent (eg. of the back, a beam); bengkung ngariung bongkok ngaronyok expression for hare equally in adversity.

béngras bright, clear, cloudless; shine brightly (of the sun), gleam (eg. of a white wall in the sunlight; sharp, distinct (of a fixed diagram or sign etc. somewhere).

béngsin petrol, ngabéngsinan fill in something (a car etc.) with petrol.

béntang star; (with reference to person) extremely beautiful, brilliant (student etc.)

bénten different.

bénténg stone or brick wall, fortification, rampart.

béntés fluent, clearly spoken. Well-pronounced, well-spoken.

béntol pimple, pustule, small lump, small awelling. (like a mosquito or bee sting, etc.)

bérag cheerful, buoyant, animated, in high spirit, enraptured, alated, rapt, exited, jubilant.

béré, méré, masihan,, maparin, ngahaturanan give something to someone.

béréhan generous, liberal, free-handed.

berekah blessing, be blessed.

bérés in (proper) order, well done, orderly, neat, exquisite, neatly an arrow.

beresih clean, pure, underfiled, chaste, well-kept, net (of profit, income); innocent, ll gone (of food), nothing left.

beresin sneeze.

berewit difficult, troublesome (eg. of a sickly child, a court case, etc).

berik, ngaberik chase someone/ something, pursue.

berjoang fight, struggle, strife.

berlian diamond.

berséka clean, neat (of the body or clothes).

bésan in-laws; relationship of parents whose children are married to each other.

bésér tend to have frequent urgency to urinate.

betah feel at home.

betekok short and fat.

betot, ngabetot/ metot pull or yank something hard (eg. on a stiff door to pull it open, on the fingers to crack them); pull something out (hard).

beubeur, beulitan waistband (wrapped around the waist to fasten the sarongs); (trousers) belt.

beubeut, ngabeubeut/ meubeut smash someone/ something hard.

beuheung, tenggek neck, collar (of a shirt, etc.).

beukah expand, dilate, swell, rise; (also figurative) increase, grow (eg. profit), (of flowers) bloom.

beuki, tambih, wuwuh increasingly, the more.

beuki, sedep, seneng have a liking for, have a passion for, be fond of something, keen on something.

beulah split, cracked (of the soil), cleft, broken in two; part, side, eg. Beulah dieu this side.

beuleugeunjeur, sabeuleugeunjeur (na) with only the clothes he stands up in, just that, nothing else.

beuleum as a compound with a following nominal) something that is baked or roasted.

beuli, meuli, mésér, ngagaleuh buy something, purchase.

beulit, meulit twist/ entwined around something, entangle something; (figurative) implicate someone in something.

beunang kénging acquired, obtained, captured, caught, found out, imprisoned, hit.

beuneur well-filled (of grains of rice, beans, etc.) fruitful (with reference tio fish spawn); have afull sound, sonorous (of the voice), thunder, etc.).

beungeut, pameunteu, raray countenance, face, front side (of a set, appliance, camera, etc.)

beunghar rich, wealthy.

beurang, siang day, by day, in the day time; when its (already/ still) clear light, late (with reference to waking up, come to work), in the middle of the day.

beurat, abot heavy (of weight, also figurative of an assignment, illness, punishment, etc.)

beureuh, beubeureuh beloved, sweetheart, fiancé (whom a girl/ woman is going to marry).

beureum red.

beurit mouse, rat.

beusi iron

beuteung, padaharan, patuangan, lambut stomach.

beuti tuber (of tuberous plants, eg. potatoes, etc.) root-tuber (eg. cassava, etc.)

beuweung, meuweung masticate something for someone.

béwara (public) announcement, proclamation, news, tidings; ngabéwarakeun announce something.

béwok hairy growth (on chest, cheek, dhin), bushy beard, and sideburns.

beyedug covered with dust or clinging dirt.

béyéték soft, soggy, (of food with too much water in it).

biang mother.

biantara occasional poem/ address (containing good whises, warnings, retrospective view; recited, eg. during a feast of circumcision or marriage, during the installation to an office or rank); render such a poem, hold such an address, deed of appointment to a prominent office (where during the installation an address is given), (today also used common word for) address, speech; ngabiantarakeun inform/ declare something in an address.

biasa accustomed, used to, be customary (to do something); as usual with….(do something), in the usual/ custumary way; (because of use) able to; kabiasaan habit.

bibi aunt.

bibit (plant, human, animal) seed, seeding, kept of destined plant/ animal from which to beget other, plant material,; vaccine; germ (of a disease, conflict, etc.), the first beginning (of an education etc.); essence (from which by adding some water, etc. a preparation is made).

bihari in the (distant) past, in olden times.

biheung it may well be, it’s a possible (that…), possibly.

bijaksana wise, astute, sensible,tactful.

bijil come out, come forth, appear, turn up come up (of the sun, moon, stars).

bikang, female, of the female species (of animal); female (animal) (sometimes only with reference to animal that have produce young).

bikeun, mikeun, masihkeun, maparin, nyanggakeun, ngahaturkeun give something, hand something over, convery, transfer, relinquish; let something at the offered price; allow something, approve.

bilang, milang a count something.

bilatung manggot, grub, larva.

bilik flat bamboo strips plaited into slabs (especially used as material for walls; sometimes as flooring).

biluk turn, change in direction, join ( agroup or party, etc.).

binangkit able, accomplished, capable, clever, competent, expert, skilful; kabinangkitan ability, capability, competence, expertise.

binarung be accompanied with.

binasa annihilated, destroyed, smashed, wrecked.

bincarung golden oriole, oriolus chinensis maculate (striking yellow colour, nests on high trees; also known as blacknaped oriole).

bincurang shin bone.

binekas acute, astute, clever, ingenious, keen-(witted), penetrating (mind), sharp-witted, shrewd.

bingah glad.

bingung be upset (so that o. doesn’t know what to do), be at sea, at a loss.

binih (sowing) seed, seedling.

bintang star, medal (decoration).

bintih, ngabintih strike someone/ something with the wings (of hens), prick with the spines (of a hedgehog), hit with fins.

birahi (begin to) feel attracted towards the opposite sex (especially of boys and girls during puberty) have feeling of amorouness, awakening of sexualdesire.

birit, imbit buttock, the bottom, the backside.

biru blue; biru langit blue sky.

biruang bear.

biruyung, kabiruyungan favoured by fate, be lucky.

bisa, tiasa, iasa can, be able to, able, capable, competent, skilful; bisa jadi, tiasa janten may be.

bisi, bilih it is possible, it could well be, it may (other wise) well be that.

bismillah in the name of God (Koranic formula that besides recited in every surah and religious prayers.

bitis, wentis lower leg.

bitu (with a bang) burst (of tyre etc.), explode, erupt (of a volcano), go off (of a fire-arm); (figurative) come out (of a secret).

biwir, lambey lip, labia, edge (of a crater), brink (of a ravine).

boa may (well be), could well be; boa enya it could well be true.

bobo 1 decayed, mouldered,.

bobo 2 (childrens’ word for) sleep.

bobok, mobok make/ strike a hole in something (like in wall, something that in the inside is hollow, empty (a piggy-bank) by making a hole in it.

bocokok the young of a crocodile/ iguana.

bocor leaky, leak (of dam, pot, kettle, tile, etc.), punctured (of a tyre), (figurative) leak out (of a secret, examination, etc.) untimely break the fast.

bodas white.

bodo dumb, ignorant, stupid.

bodor clown, buffoon.

boéh white woven cotton material.

boga, gaduh, kagungan possess something, own something.

bogoh be very fond of something, keen on something, have a craving for something, be in love with someone.

bohak show a gaping wound (eg. of part of the body where a dog has bitten out a piece).

bohong lied, lie; tell lies; (of a mirro) give a false image; do not keep to the agreement.

bohono plump, chubby (eg. of child).

bojég, ngabojég joke, banter, jest, clowning around; bojégan a joke, jest.

bojo wife.

bola ball, (sewing) cotton.

bolay do not proceed (eg. of a count case that is not caaried further); no longer keep the given promise (undertaking, pledge); stop doing something. ngabolaykeun let something not proceed, revert to (a given promise), withdraw or retract (his words).

boléd creepeng plant; the sweet potato, Iponomoea Batatas Poir.

bolédeh discoloured (because of washing, etc.) faded.

bolégér raw, open (of wound etc.) lie open (like a plough up field).

bolékér bare (of the soil, when the humus layer is washed away an hence becomes in fertile); unovergrown; ngabolékérkeun expose something (especially figurative); reveral (a secret).

boléksék (of a spot on the body) stripped of the skin, grazed, open the bleeding.

bolénang bald, (of a shapen) head, a rock).

bolér, kabolér come last, lag behind (in comparison) with others), be pressed for time.

bolérang whirlpool.

bolokot, bobolokot completely besmeared (soiled) with something (eg. with blood, mud).

bolong with a hole through.

bolongkotan pure, mere, sheer.

bolongor without walls or partitions, open (of a gallery), veranda, etc.). without lid (of a box), without vowel signs (with reference to Arabic script).

bolor eye disease (cause blindness with open eyes as a result).

bolotot goggle (of the eyes), the eyes open wide.

bolu spongecake; bolu kukus steamed ( not baked) spongecake.

boncérét have the eyes wide open, (of the eyes) wide open (eg. with reference to achild that lies awake).

bondoroyot (train of) relative or family members, sabondoroyot with his whole family (retinue).

bonéka doll (plaything), (fig) puppet.

bongan exclamation serves your right, nothing will come out of it (if …).

bongkar, ngabongkar dismantle something (eg. a machine, bicycle), take something a part, turn something ( a room, etc.) inside out, onload something, discharge ( aship). Pull down (a house), demolish ( a building), break in somewhere.

bongkok (of the back) bowed, bent, have a bent or high back, hunch-backed.

bongoh careless, heedless, not pay attention, be unsuspected of something.

bongroy, kabongroy charmed, enchanted (by the beauty of a woman, beautiful clothes, etc.)

bongsor grow up fast, big for his age (of people, animals, plants).

bonténg cucumber, cucumis sativus.

bontongor impudent, insolent, impertinent, brash, brazent (-faced).

borélak, ngaborélak gleaming in the sunlight (of springkle of water, dust particles, etc.).

boréngkal, ngaboréngkal appear/ come out of somewhere, stick out somewhere (eg. a fish, that come outto the surface, a snake that uncoils itself).

borgol handcuffs, ngaborgol handcuff someone.

borojol anticipator for: come out (quickly) somewhere (also with reference to the birth of child), ngaborojolkeun give birth to a child.

borok malignant suppuration, festering wound; have such a wound.

borolo, ngaborolo slide/ rolled/ pour out somewhere (of small, more or less round things, eg. money or fruit).

borong, ngaborong buy up the entire stock, by something all up (eg. the harvest of a certain crop).

borosot, ngaborosot come out (swiftly) somewhere (eg. of rice from a sack).

boséh paddle, oar, scull.

bosen have anough of, tired of, fed up with, disgusted with something, sick of something.

boyot come forward or make progress slowly (eg. like a turtle, a ship, or with reference to actions like cutting rice by someone who is not handy, slow (in nature).

bral anticipator for go, set out for, depart for.

brangbrang, ngabrangbrangkeun (try to) console someone (who is sad etc.).

bray anticipator for open itself, spread itself, become light, become visible, etc.

breg anticipator for: in great numbers come somewhere or do something with a noise or rush (eg. chase or attack someone, be jubilant, make merry).

bréh anticipator for became visible, come in/ to sight/ view, be discovered, be detected, etc.

bring anticipator for: do something accompanied with noise in great numbers and all at once (eg. run away fast, fly away, advance, go to work, play the gamelan, etc.)

bres anticipator for: go in somewhereand disappear within, penetrate somewhere (eg. of thorns in the skin), sink away somewhere.

brol anticipator for: bear a child, be born; sabroleun on the point of giving birth/ be born.

brugbrug, ngabrugbrug lay stacked etc.

buah fruit mango tree/ fruit, Mangifera Indica.

buana continent, word.

buang, ngabuang exile someone (as a judicial sentence), send way to a plce of exile, condemn someone to hard labour ( to be executed away from the place of judgement), hit away (somebody’s spinning top with your own).

buara, bubuara temporarily go somewhere and work or seek work there, establish somewhere as a migrant.

buat, dibuat harvest rice.

buaya crocodile etc.

bubar break up (a meeting, school, congregation, etc.) disperse, each his/ her own way, separate from each other, come to an end, finished (of a market, a gathering), fallen apart, dissolved (of an associations etc.).

bubu fish-trap.

bubudén nature, disposition, tendency, manner.

bubuk grit, dust, dry-rot.

bubur porridge, pulp.

bucitreuk have a swollen stomach, have a paunch.

budah foam, bubbles in boiling water; ngabudah foaming, effervescent, foam at the mouth.

budak, murangkalih child (not in relationship with the parents), boy/ girl, servant, errand boy.

budal come out (of people in great numbers, eg. from a factory, station, etc.), leave (in a group, eg. of guest going home); mudal (of liquid) run over the brim, run over, overflow, boil over, brim over, (of a river) burst its banks, (also figurative of anger, etc.) things come to a head; ngabudalkeun march/ pull out (of troops etc.), bring out (feeling of exasperations, etc.), give away (secrets), ngabudalkeun eusi haté pour out his heart, vent his feelings.

budaya culture

budayut big and heavy (of the stomach of a pregnant woman or an animal with young, also with reference to a fish that is to spawn).

budi reason, sense, mind, intellect, intellect, (reasionable) idea, insight, level-headedness.

budig ugly, bad, (both behavior as well as appearance).

budiman (in elevated style) sensible, intelligent, wise.

budug itch, scabies, scabby, mangy, rough surface (eg. of paper).

budugul without headcloth, bareheaded, ragged, shabby, seedy.

bueuk (pigmy eartuffs) owl.

bugang dead body, carrion.

buheukeu thick-set (squat, stocky) (of figure).

buhun old (of a custom, saying, melody, etc.), from the old time, old fashioned, of the past original, primitive.

bui jail, prison.

bujal, udel navel.

bujang (unmarried) young man, bachelor.

bujangga sage, scholar, wise man; (with reference to traditional literature) one of the literati.

bujur, imbit behind, anus, back-part, rear-end (eg. of a trap).

buka open,.

bukbak, ngabukbak completely chop away (all plants in an area), pull/ grub up, clear (the land).

bukti, buktos (in the spoken language) a visible token of something, (documentary, material) evidence, proof, exhibit (in a court case), tangible, concret, proven, estabilished (to be true).

buku book, articulation, knuckle, joint (of bamboo, sugarcane, etc.) buku leungeun joint of the hand.

bulan moon, month.

bulao blue.

bulen, ngabulen wrap something in, wrap around (eg. in a handkerchief).

Bukeud round, globular, spherical, cylindrical.

buligir nake, bare, have nothing on (of montains or hills) bald, without vegetation.

buliglag open (without screening or covering etc.), ngabuliglag lie open/ exposed, lie (asleep) without bed-clothes, (of the deck) (had) come off.

bulistir bald (od a clean shaven head, an animal where the hair and the manes are shaven/ cut away, of a mountain or hill without tree growth), (of an animal) because of the shine of the skin looks plump.

bulu hair (on human or animal body), feathers (for birds), down, the hair on the ears of rice.

bulubus, mulubus go in somewhere and disappear, penetrate somewhere, intrude (inconspicuously) somewhere (with a party of party of friends, etc.); unobserved/ on the quiet do something.

buludru velvet; buludru sutra gleaming velvet.

bulungbung, ngabulungbung lie open, strech out without obstruction (of a road, a fath through the jungle, etc.).

bumi the earth, the surface of the earth; territory; house, home.

buncis French bean, butter-bean.

bunder round, méja bunder a round table.

bungah, bingah glad, pleased, happy.

bungbu spices, flavor heightening, ingredients (like coconutmilk, garlic, salt, seasoning); (remarks etc.).

bungkeuleukan have a visibleshape (of spirit, ghost, etc.), clearly perceptible.

bungkus wrapper, cover, casing, swathe, bandage, etc. (whatever something is packed in); the wrapper with what is in it, package, bundle.

bunglon shot (cloured), chameleon.

bungsu youngest born (with reference to children in a family).

buni concealed, hidden, quiet, isolated; underhand, secretly, clandestine, illicit.

buntel piece of cloth etc. to pack or wrap things in.

buntu come to a dead end (of a road), not run through (of a hole), (figurative) cannot go on, stuck (with something), buntu laku cannot accomplish his plans, come to a deadlock.

buntung lopped, with cut end (eg. finger, tile), crippled, maimed, just a stump (of the arm/ leg without hand or foot), be missing a hand/ foot, chopped object, stump.

buntut tail (also of plough); (after-) effect (of an illness, misstep, faux-pas, etc.).

bunuh, ngabunuh cut something open (especially with reference to fruit like coconut and with reference to vegetable); (of shrubs, weeds, etc.), cut down, flatten, weed.

bupati regent, government officialin charge of a regency (position under the governor).

bupet sideboard, buffet (in a waiting room etc.)

burahay radiate a red or rosy glow, red dish gleam (of burnt steel, goldfishes).

buranjat, tibuburanjat be startled (because of fright, strain), (be seized by) panic.

burayak young fish like those released in nursery ponds.

bureuteu fat and round, well-filled (eg. the stomach of a well-fed horse).

bureuyeung have a heavy stomach (like a pregnant woman).

burial, ngaburial bubble/ spurt up (like water out of the ground, come out (eg. of entrails from a stomach wound).

burilak, ngaburilak (keep on) giving flickering light, flicker, sparkle (of/ like jewelry).

burileng, ngaburileng roll (of the eyes).

buringhas look (up, around) with wild or frightened eyes; wild, timid, scared (of an animal).

burinyay, ngaburinyay (momentarily) glitter, flash (of the thunder, shooting, sparks, a gun, jewelry, etc.), buburinyayan keep on flashing.

burisat, ngaburisat fly away, flee in all directions, paburisat disintegrate, fall a part, fly a part, scatter (of people, also of a pile of firewood etc.).

burit evening-twilight, time of the fall of darkness, geus burit its late in the day.

buru, muru hasten,/ hurry somewhere, make for/ go to wards/ go up to someone (quickly), try to catch up with someone/ something., be/ go out to, strive for something.

buruan yard (of a house or building).

burudul, murudul, ngaburudul fall off/ out in great numbers (of hairs and feathers, dry leaves, pieces of lime from the walls, etc.), come up/ outside in great numbers.

buruh labourer, wages, wage, pay.

buruk (old and) spoiled, rotten, decayed, putrefied, worn out, dilapidated.

burulu ngaburulu roll out somewhere (eg. tubers from from a sack, rice kernels from a basket), roll of from somewhere (eg. beads from a string).

burung 1 half-witten, silly, soft-headed, fool.

burung 2 not go on/ through, fall through, fall off unripe (of fruits), bad (eggs), (dial), dead certain.

burusut, ngaburusut come/ pour out somewhere (quickly) (eg. ricefrom a sack, also with reference to discharge and the birth of a child).

buruy tadpole, half-grown frog (with tail and gills), still without feet).

butahurup illiterate.

butak bald (especially in front and the middle of the head), hearless on the head, without vegetation (eg. of a mountain top).

butikeuk have a fast stomach (eg. because of eating too much); thick set (squat, stocky) figure (because of fatness in the stomach).

butiti the lowest (smallest) hand of banana in the bunch.

butuh 1 swollen seed-lobe in a sprouting coconut (inside the shell).

butuh 2 in want of something, need something, be pressed (pushed, hard up) for something.

butut worn (out), tattered, dilapidated (of a house etc.), decrepit, tumble down, in disrepair, become unusable.

buuk, rambut hair of the head, hair of plants (like with corn).



Tina Sundanese English Dictionary, karya R.R. Hardjadibrata.



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