Rohang Kalam jeung Daluang

Nyiar Luang ti Papada Urang

Glosari A

abad century; mangabad-abad for centuries.

abadi eternal; ngabadikeun perpetuate, immortalize, eternalize.

abah the common name for father within the family, (also a title for respected person)

abdas perform ritual ablution (of certain parts of the body) before prayer.

ablu, ngablu walk around aimlessly.

abring, ngabring troop out in a group somewhere, accompany/ walk behind someone.

abrul, ngabrul go/ move out/come (out) in a crowd/ throng.

abrus, ngabruskeun throw/ drop in some where.

abus go inside, go in somewhere.

aceuk elder sister (of a related person in line with a person, the wife of an older brother) or a woman that as far as age goes.

acleng, ngacleng jump (of grasshoppers, little fish, etc), hop.

aclog, ngaclog jump (like frog, etc), hop, skip; aclog-aclogan hope around.

aco, ngaco speak balderdash, gibberish, jargon, rave, talk nonsense, run on.

acrét, ngacrét splash, spatter; ucrat-acrét splashing all over (of paint, blood, etc).

adab good form, civility, courtesy.

adam, Adam; Adam lali tapel a person who forgets his own homeland or who doesn’t know of his family.

adan call to perform the salat

adat custom, tradition, customary way of doing.

adi, rai younger brother/ sister.

adigung pride, self in his superiority

adil just, fair, reasonable.

adiluhung very exalted, superior.

ador, ngador go out with no set aim; udar-ador walk around aimlessly.

adu (in colloc.) To indicate animals or things that, use for matches or games.

aduk (well) mixed together.

aérloji watch.

agama religion.

agenda diary, programme.

ageung big.

agréng big and beautiful, magnificent, grand, imposing, impressive, commanding (of building).

agul proud of, self on, speak higly of.

agung great, grand, high.

Ahad sunday; saahad, a week.

ahéng miraculous, unusual, stranger.

ahérat the hereafter.

ahir end (of the year, the story, etc.); ahir jaman the end of time (the end of the world).

ahlak character.

ahli an expert.

ais, ngais, ngemban carry (a child or a basket) in a carrying cloth (karémbong) (against the side or the breast).

ajag fox (normally live in packs, hunt, lambs and buffalo calves).

ajaib miraculous, astonishing, suprising.

ajak, ngajak invite someone. To do. To join in.

ajal hour of death, end of life.

ajali, ti ajali (na) since eternity, of old.

ajar, ngajar, ngawuruk, miwuruk give tuition, teach someone. In, someone learn

ajeg straight upright (the posture of someone’s body, a pole, etc.)

ajén value, worth.

ajengan title expressing respect (also as term of address) especially of Islamic religious teachers.

ajleng, ngajleng jump (up), hop, skip.

ajrih timid, diffident, shy, full of awe/ respect (towards someone in high position, God, etc).

ajug lamp standard (for an oil lamp).

akad a agreement, contract; akad nikah (the closing of the) marriage agreement (according to Islamic law).

akal mind, intellect, reason, thingking-faculty, intellectual capacity.

akang (term of address for an older brother).

akar root.

akéw term for a Chinese boy.

akey, akey-akeyan laugh hertily, laugh in stitches.

aki, éyang pameget, grandfather; tile of an old man of lower status (also in collocation with proper names etc.).

akibat concequence, result, outcome.

akidah belief, faith, idea with which or use as a guideline.

akod, ngakod carry someone, carry piggyback.

aksara letter (sign), akte document, diploma, certificate

aku, ngaku, ngangken confes (guilt), admit (making a mistake, be wrong in opinion, etc).

akur be in agreement.

alam the word, the universe, nature.

alamat sign, token, phenomenon, address.

aléwoh, lively and excited talk.

alit small.

alketip, floorcovering, carpet.

alloh God.

almarhum the deceased,

almenak almanac, calendar.

alo nephew, niece

alpukah initiative, idea (to do).

alum (of plants, flower) withered, wilted, drooped, faded.

alus saé beautifulfine, ethereal, ingtangible.

aman safe, secure, calm

amanat order, instruction, message, statement.

amarah angry, cross.

ambah, ngambah go over (a road, the sea, go through a forest, land); go through difficult/ happy times, etc. experience.

ambéh, supados so that.

ambek, bendu, wera angry.

ambekan breath (ing); ngambekan breathe, take a breath.

ambu mother (especially in collocations with the name of the first born children).

ambucuy deliciously) (reddish or brownis) gleaming (of ripe fruit, also with repetitive to the skin of a young woman).

amburadul fall to pieces, lie in pieces, collapsed, break in pieces.

amis sweet (of taste).

amit ask permission (to do something), take leave, (when entering) ask for entry.

ampir almost, nearly.

amprok, tepang (by change) meet, come across.

ampuh modest (os someone who doesn’t try to make an impression. Not conceited. Be have quietly), composed ( (in his actions), cool.

amuk attack someone, furiously, go berserk, run amuck, be in a state of madeness.

anak, putra, child (in relations to the parents).

ancam, ngancam threaten, menace someone (of robbers, dangers, etc).

ancik, ngancik stay somewhere.

ancin only eat/ drink in little bits at a time, be moderate in eating and drinking.

anclom come in touch with water (or other liquid), come in to the water (etc).

ancul, ngancul (with the head, etc) make an upward movement (while walking, of as deer, horses), bounce up (of a ball).

ancur crushed, pounded, pulverized, smashed (up), ground to powder, shaterred, dissolved (in liquid), molten (especially of metal), destroyed.

andalemi (of a woman) of eminent beauty.

andika thy, you.

anduk towel; dianduk, use a towel.

anéh strange, foreign, odd, queer, funny, remarkable, curious, peculiar.

angen the placebelow the breast-bone, pit of the stomach.

angeun, souplike, side dish (with rice) of cooced/ stewedvegetbles (also woth meat/ fish in it).

anggang at a distance, with spacing.

anggap, nganggap, pay attention to someone, pay/give heed to, consider someone.

anggel bantal, pillow.

angger remain the same, constant, stable, steady, steadfast.

anggota member (of an associations, commission, etc).

anggrék, orchid.

anggur, nganggur have nothing todo, be at a loose end, do nothing.

anggur wine.

angin wind.

angka cipher, figure, digit (examination) mark, number.

angkaribung carrying along a lot of things, loaded from top toe (with purchases, luggage, etc.)

angkasa atmosphere, air, air-space.

angkat leave, depart.

angkeub overcast, cloudy, dark (because of clouds, due to impending rain).

angklung name of musical instrument made of bamboo.

angkuh arrogant, conceited, haughty, stuck-up.

angluh, ngangluh feel miserable/ depressed (because of illness or sorrow).

angon, ngangon, tend (flocks of geese, duck, cattle, etc.).

angseu, ambeu oour, for derivation.

angsur, ngansur pay in installments.

aniaya injustice, ill treatment that or metes out to someone.

anjang, nganjang, ngadeuheus pay a visit somewhere, go/ come on a visit to someone.

anjeucleu sitting (in state) somewhere high/ up above (sticking out above the surrounding.

anjog come, reach (a place, a point), arrive somewhere.

Anjrek, nganjrek lodge somewhere, temporarily spend the nigh.

anjuk, nganjuk buy/ get something on credit.

anom young.

antaparah, teu antaparah (deui) without even giving consideration for a moment, without any provocation just like that (hit at a person, run away, etc).

antara, antawis space in between.

antaré at ease, relaxed, slow but sure.

antay, ngantay go/ come/ stand in row, stand in queue.

anteb serious, profoud, tender, earnest.

antel touch against on, touching;

antep, ngantep leave someone/ something, to his fate.

anteur, nganteur, ngajajap accompany someone, go with someone (for company, help, as guide, as an honour); bring (the deceased) to his last resting place.

anti, nganti, ngantos wait; ngantosan wait for someone/ something.

antieum quiet, modest, (almost) subservient,well-mannered. Gentle, meek,demure, calm in nature (especiallyof woman).

anting ear-drop.

antri, form a queue, line up (in front of a ticket-window etc).

anut docile, tractable, obedient.

anyam, nganyam plait something (mat, basket; of bamboo, rattan/ cane, pandanus leave).

anyar, enggal new, freshrecent ((of someone/ something turning up, published).

aos, ngaos recite etc. the Koran.

apal know something by heart, (good) in his head, know who someone is.

apan isn’t, aren’t, haven’t.

aral be dissatisfied (of his fate, living condition, etc).

arca statue (figure in stoneetc. Of a human or animal etc)

arit (sickle-shaped) grassknife; ngarit, cut something (grass, needs, etc).

artos money.

arwah soul (of the departed).

asak ripe, done, cooked (of water etc.) boiled.

asal origin, descent, cause, motive, original.

asar (muslim), late afternoon prayer, time to carry out the prayer, late afternoon (from 15.30 hrs).

asih have feelings of love/ affection symphaty for someone.

asin salty, saltish, sated (of fish, eggs).

asli original, authentic, autochtonous.

asmara (in poetic lang) (sexual) love, passion, love desire. kasmaran, in love, in fatuated with, mad on.

asong, ngasongan hand/ pass someone something, extend someone something, ngasongkeun put (hold) out something.

asri beautiful, fine, pretty, lovely.

astana grave, place where someone is buried, graveyard, cemetery.

Asup, lebet go in, get in enter somewhere, enter into service, come to work,.

atah unripe, raw, uncooked (of water etc.) unboiled.

ateul have an itch.

atoh, bingah glad, pleased, happy, in high spirits.

atra clearly perceptible (observable, visible, understandable).

atur, ngatur arrange, organise, regulate, invent, fabricate (a lie etc).

awak, salira body.

awal the beginning (of the year, atory, etc). the start of.

awam inexpert, amateurish, be a layman, have no understanding of.

awas be able to see well.

awét durable, lasting, stay good (long).

awéwé istri, woman, (of the) female (sex).

awi (common name for) bamboo.

awis rare to find, etc. expensive.

awon bad.

awor mix, blend together.

awur, ngawur strew, scatter, sow rice (kernels).

aya tobe, to exist

ayeuna now, today, at present, nowadays.

 Tina Sundanese English Dictionary, karya R.R. Hardjadibrata.








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  1. Roban said

    Teh,ieu mah kanggo urang asing nu palay di ajar basa sunda nya?

  2. pribumi said

    Ieu glosari kanggo saha bae anu minat maosna.Rencana teh bade dugi ka glosari Z.Mung geuning meni lami ngetikna,cangkeul….Ayeuna nuju ngahanca glosari B.

  3. elis-rose said

    teu ngartos abdi mah

  4. Pribumi said

    Piraku Lis? Kapan aya hartosna dina basa Sunda.

  5. Hollie said

    Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web
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